I know what needs to be done. I could list the steps I need to take. Yet yesterday I did not do any of them, or the day before, or the day before that.

I want to be fit. I want to be healthy. So WHY? would I not do the work. I am not ignorant, or lazy or unmotivated. What is the problem. fitness should be simple, natural. Healthy eating, is almost instinctive (may not even almost, just instinctive). Water! Does anyone need to tell you that you need to drink water?

I was listening to a radio program on the internet, “The Aware Show” and the guest was Brent Phillips. He has a clue as to why we do not do what needs to be done. Our Sub conscious mind is too blame. You may know that most of what you do during the day, every day is done by the subconscious mind. You do not stop to think “breath out, breathe in, digest, you’re getting too hot start sweating now.” It is all automatic. The subconscious mind is not an unruly second personality. It is a tool, given to us (by genetics, nature, God, whatever you believe in) given to keep us safe. It does whatever it feels is necessary to accomplish it’s goal. All your knowledge and will power won’t work unless your subconscious is in alignment with your conscious desire. This is because 90% of  your mind is subconscious. If you are only working on a conscious level you are only work with a small fraction of your mind’s power! And guess what happens when 10% of your mind is trying to create one thing, and the other 90% of your mind is trying to create something else? You got it, the 90% wins every time!
Now the trick is to find out why my subconscious thinks I need to be fat and convince it that it is wrong. This is the same message that Jon Gabriel has in his book The Gabriel Method. I know why. I have know too many people who have died of cancer. The first clue that they were on the road to an early death was weight loss. In my heart, weight loss is firmly associated with death. My head knows what to do, but my heart is afraid. Step 2, convincing the subconscious it is wrong. This can be done too. The radio speaker uses Theta Healing. Jon Gabriel, in his book The Gabriel Method uses visualization. I know visualization will work and I suspect Theta healing will to. Visualization takes time. Theta healing is much faster, once you know how. I am starting to do both. One might work on its own, but they are not in conflict so why not do both to insure success. SUCCESS is the only option for me.